Thursday, 27 October, 2016






OPERATION PROCLAMATION, also known as the ACT 6 MOVEMENT, is a nation-wide call to Moorish American political unity; the expressed objective of Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s civic agenda for Moorish Americans. Our people suffer from essentially the same issues, regardless of class or income; those collective issues make up the core of our own body of politics. A CONCENTRATED POLITICAL BODY, ACTING/MOVING AS A SINGULAR PERSON (ie, FREE NATIONAL BALLOT), is the ONLY way to effectively address our unique issues in a real and meaningful way. Noble Drew Ali said it like this:

…that this is the ONLY SOLE FOUNDATION that ALL Asiatics MUST depend upon for their earthly salvation as AMERICAN CITIZENS…

Currently OPERATION PROCLAMATION’s action plan has been adopted by the HIP HOP UNION and HIP HOP TO VOTE. A number of prominent celebrities in the entertainment field have also pledged their support. Prophet Drew Ali said “the European and others are behind me, why not YOU? IT’S YOUR PROBLEM.”


Noble Drew Ali: Prophet of the People

Noble Drew Ali: Prophet of the People Pt. 2

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